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Duncan and Joss have repeatedly brought us great results in specialised genres, in both the reissue and contemporary spaces. They are professional and friendly, with a keen eye for opportunities. Working with them means I know we are in safe hands.

Alice Whittington (Soundway Records)

Duncan and his team did wonderful work for Jaimie Branch's Fly or Die II and Jeff Parker's Suite for Max Brown - both albums were received better in the UK than we could have imagined.

Scottie McNiece (International Anthem)

As well as being fantastic publicists with a hard-working attitude, the guys really understand the UK music environment, from retail to live, which has really helped us develop in the market.

Cyril Yeterian (Bongo Joe Records)

Of all the publicists Salif has worked with, Ballantyne Communications worked the hardest and got the best results

Chris Syren (Manager of Salif Keita)

Duncan's team handled Moreno Veloso’s release, an artist who rarely plays. Even so, we got a wonderful response thanks to their work.

Yale Evelev (Luaka Bop)

Duncan and Joss have been an absolute joy to work with. Duncan has such incredible knowledge and a deep love of Brazilian music which was pivotal for our campaign with Sessa. A fantastic team with a strategic approach, reach and passion!  

Joanie Eaton (Mexican Summer)