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Gitkin is a brand new artist on New York's ever-glowing Wonderwheel Recordings forging Tuareg influences, Peruvian cumbia and garage beat through a psychedelic Afrobeat lense

Label: Wonderwheel Recordings

Album: Five Star Motel

Album release Date: April 6th, 2018

Gitkin sold guitars. To be precise, he re-branded, sold and traded knock-off Gibsons. A lone, travelling salesman, he toted his counterfeit wares to guitar stores and music emporiums. His trade took him to most corners of the USA, passing through big, smoggy cities and nowheresville small towns. His nights were spent at not-so-salubrious motels. It was at those nocturnal stop-offs that he’d often cross paths with newcomers to the States. His fellow travellers were mostly immigrants, newly-arrived, from places like Ethiopia, Mexico, Indonesia.

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