Endangered birds and electronic music: A second outing for this unlikely but perfect pairing

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Endangered birds, electronic music producers and Shika Shika Records find themselves sharing space for the second time as part of the latest installment of ‘A Guide to Birdsong’, this time focused on Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean.

Thanks to 343 backers of the Kickstarter crowdfunder, and the creative direction from Robin Perkins AKA El Buho, ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico , Central America & the Caribbean’ will be released on special recycled vinyl on 26th June and features 10 producers, who have all composed original new songs using tweets and birdsong of endangered birds from their country of origin. All profits from the project go towards preserving the birds.

The curation of artists was specifically geared towards those bridging connections between traditional music and modernity, or between organic and electronic sounds. There are contributions from artists in eight different countries, ranging from Jamaica’s organic dancehall trio Equiknoxx, to Dj Jigüe, one of the leaders of Cuba’s burgeoning electronic scene. Belize’s critically renowned Garifuna Collective have been bringing the unique Garifuna culture and language to a global audience for many years, while Tamara Montenegro has quickly become one of Nicaragua’s leading female electronic producers.

Excitingly, and in line with the current situation of isolation, many of the backers just met the artists on-line via Zoom with lively discussions about the creative process and the connection between music and environment.

The vinyls have been pressed at one of the greenest pressing plants in Europe, Dutch based deepgrooves which runs on 100% sustainable energy, and will create the record using recycled vinyl and card.

Pre-order the vinyl, posters and t-shirts on: Bandcamp. Read more via Vinyl Factory website HERE

All profits of the project will be shared between 3 organisations:

Project I: The Caribbean Birding Trail (Birds Caribbean) Project II: Bird Education in Costa Rica (La Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica) Project III: Constructing an aviary for parrot rehabilitation in Mexico (Fundación TXORI)

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Jiony from Mexico, one of the music producers