Highlight Arts

Highlight Arts produces new artistic narratives through the context of conflict. They use all forms of the arts to explore geo-­political issues, organising festivals and events, working with innovative artists from the UK and abroad.

Over the course of five years (2011-2016), we ran national media campaigns outlining the work of festival artists from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon bringing awareness to the core political issues through alternative narratives.

As publicists of Ali Ferzat, who was named as Time Magazine's top 100 people of the year in 2012, we organised interviews for him with global media such as BBC Newsnight, C4, CNN, Al Jazeera, The Times and many more.

In 2015 we initiated and delivered and launched a re-brand of the organisation changing the organisation's identity from Reel Festivals to Highlight Arts.

Director Duncan Ballantyne was a board member for three years.

BBC World interviews two artists from Reel Iraq Festival


Podcast production to support Reel Syria festival