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Classic 60s-sounding Motown and Stax-inspired grooves from a royal refugee turned soul survivor

Label: Tucxone Records

Release Date: October 26th


Cerys Matthews (BBC 6 Music) “I’m loving his voice...we'd love to have him on BBC Radio 2”

Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music) "Very few people have a soul story to compare and from all the trauma has emerged one of the very best soul voices i've heard for a very long time"

Robert Elms (BBC Radio London) "I'm extremely fond of this piece of music.”

Keb Darge “Lovely voice and arrangement…this has early Stax/Vault/Atlantic written all over it.The real soul fans will love it”

Laurent Garnier “Simply STUNNING”

DJ Yoda “I Love it!

Emma Warren (Worldwide FM) "Wow, he really has the feeling... that's raw soul power there. I love it.”

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